09.11.2019 - 16.11.2019


Arrival and departure

Arrival Sunday November 10, 2019, Aalborg at 14:00 (Klitgaarden 16:00)

Departure from Klitgaarden Thursday at 16:00


Klitgaarden Refugium


PhD students will arrange accommodation themselves. See e.g. VisitAalborg.


Flight connections:  Aalborg Airport
Bus, taxi and train: See VisitAalborg

Content of the course

The aim of the course is to train researchers with sufficient theoretical, technical, methodological and applied clinical research knowledge in the field of music therapy research to assure scientific rigor. The course will include a rich mixture of course work and cover topics related to methodology,  epistemology and theory of science with working methods consisting of workshops, round table discussions, lectures, and presentations of research in progress. See also PhD Courses.


Please be aware of the coming deadlines:

August 25: Registration for the course (with mail to Hanne Mette Ridder)

September 30: Mail a working TITLE of your presentation to your supervisor and HMR

October 30: ONE-PAGE-SUMMARY (Mail to HMR)

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