Practical Information And Faq


FAQ for prospective students

How do I find the Department?

Map of Kroghstræde 6

Do I need to live in Aalborg during the enrolment period?

No, most of the international students are not employed at Aalborg University, and carry out clinical work in their home country, often integrated or related to the data collection for their research.

Is it expected that I teach at Aalborg University?

PhD fellows, who are employed at AAU, are required to teach at the MA training course as part of their obligations. The teaching obligation amounts 850 hours for all three years. However, this number is reduced to about 600 hours for PhD students at the Faculty of Humanities.

Scholarship students are not required to teach, but are expected to give a couple of short lectures or workshops at the MA training programme when they visit Aalborg in relation to PhD courses, and only on topics centred around the students’ area of research.

FAQ for enrolled students

What is Mahara?

With you AAU access you can log into Mahara. At this internal forum you will find material for courses and practical information, and can share powerpoints, pictures, texts, call for papers and other relevant items with the group of doctoral students and affiliated supervisors.

How do I organize reimbursements from AAU?

Your PhD plan includes your research budget of maximum 70.000 DKK. If you have not received a template for the budget, please ask the programme director to mail you one (hanne@hum.aau.dk). Every time you spend money from your budget, you need first to send an application. This is done in the following way:

  1. mail a SHORT application to your AAU-supervisor
  2. include information about purpose (e.g. a PhD course or a conference) and prize (e.g. accommodation, flights, fees)
  3. make a statement weather this is within your PhD budget (that was approved together with your PhD plan) or not.

If your supervisor approved this application, he/she will then forward it to the programme director. She will inform Lisbeth Ellevang who is in charge of the finances allocated to your budget from the department. It is important that you apply for travel expenses before you travel, and sort out the reimbursement documents with Lisbeth Ellevang within the first two weeks after you are back. Lisbeth Ellevang needs all travel documents and receipts.