PhD Courses

PhD Courses

As part of the training and in order to actively engage in our research environment, the doctoral students participate in six PhD courses at the Doctoral Programme in Music Therapy during the enrolment period. Each course lasts one week and the course work is equivalent with five points in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The courses are scheduled with a rich mixture of guest lectures, student presentations of research in progress, workshops, round table discussions, supervision, social programme, and, if possible, one or two PhD defences. Courses are held in English, and selected lectures will be open to MA students, whereas the presentation of research in progress is only for the group of researchers.

The 5 ECTS covers the following learning content with each subject representing one ECTS and integrated in the course work through presentations, study groups, student presentations and/or text material.

a) Reflexive methodology including data administration and data analysis
b) Objectivistic methodology including data administration and statistical analysis
c) Research ethics and reflexivity (e.g. related to clinical music therapy practice and theories on communicative musicality)
d) Theory of science
e) Academic writing and dissemination.

The focus of reflexive and objectivistic methodology includes a fundamental training in music therapy research design, among others experimental studies, qualitative and mixed methods studies, statistical methods, phenomenological-hermeneutical inquiries, case study methods, observational studies, and music analysis.

Apart from the enrolled PhD students, we welcome a limited number of external or prospective PhD students to register for a full PhD course, and to present their research in progress after which they will receive feedback from the AAU-supervisors, guest lectures and the PhD group. The fee for participation is 4,000 DKK and covers participation, course material, lunch, tea/coffee and social/cultural events (For internal PhD students the fee is 2,000 DKK). Accommodation is not included and is arranged by the students themselves. For course registration, please contact the programme director.