Progress report

Progress report - Evaluation of Research Progress

The Faculty of Humanities requires that the students report on the progress of the research and evaluate their time plan in their portfolio. You can download the Progress Report Form from the Doctoral School of the Humanities. You will receive a mail with instructions on how to upload the report in the PhD Manager System when your report is due.

As you will find in the form the half-year reports require some essential information in the following areas:

1. Changes in the PhD plan

2. Description of the progress of the PhD project in the assessment period
a) remarks regarding any reason why the time frame is subject to delay
b) any changes in registration (full time to part time or vice versa)

3. Participation in PhD courses
a) ECTS from activities completed during the enrolment period. Certificates should be provided if attended courses are outside those offered from the Doctoral Programme in Music Therapy.

4. Description of teaching and other forms of dissemination of knowledge in the assessment period
a) This only applies to stipendiate students/research fellows, who will also have teaching duties at Aalborg University. In that case your teaching must have been planned with the head of the music therapy programme, Stine Lindahl JacobsenHolck (Teaching/Study board), and with head of the department, Michael Vetner (Dissemination of knowledge). A full time stipendiate student is expected to teach 600 hours (this includes preparation for lectures).

Where a student fails to satisfactorily complete the required work and achieve the progress expected according to the timetable for their research, they are allowed three months to undertake some additional work to rectify the situation. If after that, the supervisor and the head of department are still dissatisfied with progress, the student?s registration can be stopped.

During the process of the enrollment period, the PhD student, the principal supervisor and the programme director continuously evaluate the progress. The following timeline in five steps is explicated under PROGRESS REPORT at The Doctoral School of the Humanities and by logging into the PhD manager system.
Please be aware of the following deadlines:

  • 3 months: PhD plan
  • 6 months: 1st progress report
  • 12 months 2nd progress report including 10-15 pages and conclusions from oral presentation and meeting
  • 24 months: 3rd progress report
  • 30 months: 4th progress report including 50-70 pages for the PhD thesis and conclusions from oral presentation and meeting