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International Research Networks and Profile

With a majority of international scholarship students, the program has a strong global orientation and partnership with front research milieus. International liaisons are fostered through well-established consortium partnerships, research networks and proficient data collection sites.

The Doctoral Programme is collaborating with the European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC).The EMTC is a representative and liaison group, working at collaboration between countries for the development of music therapy training, registration and research in Europe. In the period from 2010-1016, Hanne Mette Ridder is elected president of the EMTC. In the World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT), Lars Ole Bonde is a member of the Research Ethical Committee. The PHD board members are represented as editors or board members of several national and international scientific journals: Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, Music & Medicine, Tidsskriftet Dansk Musikterapi, Voices, Musikterapi i Psykiatrien Online, Music Therapy Perspectives, etc.

There is a formal working agreement between the programme and The International Consortium of Nine Universities with Doctoral & Research Programs in Music Therapy (Short name: International Consortium of Music Therapy Research).

Apart from the affiliated supervisors, supervision of doctoral students is undertaken by experienced researchers based at universities, hospitals or institutions where the data collection takes place and/or where there is a relevant research milieu. Therefore the Doctoral Programme can ensure that the students are linked to internationally strong environments, receive qualified supervision, and can take advantage of the international milieu and an interdisciplinary approach. The quality of the research is tested by the high level and quality of the committee members involved in the public defences.


The doctoral programme has a well-developed history of research courses, and has hosted most of the leading researchers who have contributed to knowledge and research relevant to the field of music therapy. To date the guest professors on these courses represent an international “Who’s Who” of important contributors to music therapy research:

Barbara Wheeler, Louisville University, (USA)
Björn Wrangsjö, St Görans sjukhus Stockholm (Sweden)
Brian Abrams, Immaculata University (USA)
Brynjulf Stige, Bergen University (Norway)
Carolyn Kenny, Antioch University, (USA)  
Cathy McKinney, Appalachian State University (USA)
Cheryl Dileo, Temple University (USA) 
Christian Gold, University of Bergen (Norway)
Cochavit Elefant, Taifa University (Israel)
Colwyn Trevarthen (Scotland)
Daniel Stern, Geneva (Switzerland)
David Aldridge, University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany)
Denise Erdonmez Grocke, Melbourne University (Australia)
Dorit Amir, Bar Ilan University (Israel)
Esa Ala-Ruona, Jyvaskula University (Finland)
Even Ruud, Oslo University (Norway)
Felicity Baker, University of Queensland (Australia) 
Gary Ansdell, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy (UK)
Gro Trondalen, Norwegian Academy of Music (Norway)
Gudrun Aldridge, Witten Herdecke University (Germany)
Hector Fiorini (Argentina)            
Henk Smeijsters, Sittard Professional College (Netherlands)
Jayne Standley, Florida State University (USA)
Jette Fog (Danmark)
Julie Sutton, Belfast & Dublin (UK)
Jaakko Erkilla , Jyvaskula University (Finland)
Ken Aigen, New York University, (USA)
Kenneth E. Brusci, Temple University. Philadelphia (USA)
Kimmo Lehtonen, Jyväskylän Yliopisto (Finland)
Leslie Bunt, Bristol University (England)
Lindsey Cohen, Georgia State University (USA)
Lutz Neugebauer, Witten/Herdecke University, (Germany)
Martin Orrell, University College London (UK)                  
Mercedes Pavlicevic (South Africa)
Michele Forninash, Lesley College, (USA)
Nicki Cohen, Texas Womans University, (USA)
Patxi del Campo (Spain)
Raymond MacDonald, the Glasgow Caledonian Music Psychology Research Group (Scotland)
Sheri Robb, Indiana University School of Nursing, Indiana (USA)
Simon Gilbertson, Grieg Academy, University of Bergen (Norway)
Susanne Metzner, University of Applied Sciences, Magdeburg (Germany)
Søren Willert, Aalborg University (DK)
Thomas Wosch, Magdeburg University of Applied Sciencs (Germany)
Tia De Nora, Department of Sociology & Philosophy (UK) 
Töres Theorell, National Institute for Psychosocial Factors and Health (Sweden)
Tony Wigram, Aalborg University (DK)
Tuomas Eerola (Finland)
Wendy Magee, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (UK)


*Aasland, A & Nilsen, M (2003) Nordic research training: Common objectives for international quality. NorFa - ISBN 82-996264-1-2



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